Dr Mike O'Connor AM

Sydney Gynecologist, Obstetrician, Legal Medicine, Diagnostic Ultrasound, Urinary Incontinence, Uro Dynamics, Obstetrics, Kogarah, St George.

Dr Mike O'Connor AM is a Kogarah based Gynaecologist and Medico Legal in private practice. It is his aim to provide you with the best obstetric and the best gynaecological care in Sydney. It will be his pleasure to look after you to the best of his ability.

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Monstrous Mothering: Understanding The Causes Of And Responses To Infanticide

Posted by Dr Mike O'Connor on 29 May 2023
Arlie Loughnan and Mike O’Connor* The deliberate killing of a child by its mother is abhorrent and is associat...
Posted in:MedicolegalInfanticide  

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